Founded in 1999, Sotracom is a commercial & trading company, supplying a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices and offering unique engineering support and advice at our consultancy facilities. Moreover, a variety of services such as cutting, welding, sandblasting and bending of materials are also available to meet the project needs of the customers with the support of its sister companies.

Sotracom’s main corporate objective is to maintain an excellent quality of service by meeting the clients’ expectations. Additionally, the company is always looking for new products to satisfy the growing demands. This ensures constant innovation and loyal relationships with current and new customers are sustained.

The storage capacity consists of 2 covered warehouses of 1000 m² and an outdoor yard of 4800 m² respectively. Furthermore, non-stock products and equipment can be ordered as well to fulfill the clients’ demands to ensure completion of their project on time. This includes products such as radar leveling gauges for petroleum tanks. Additionally, the company does not just satisfy its customers’ needs but it also reaches out to them by providing delivery services with the facility of its lorry crane whose capacity is 5 tonnes.

Sotracom stocks a variety of quality steel products, equipment and machinery from some of the prominent global brands such as Hilco, BMG, Rockwool, Gantrex, Capflex and Eriez to name but a few:

• Metal products (carbon steel, galvanised steel, stainless and special steel among others)
• Steel structures
• Pipes & pipe fitting
• Special steel (such as boiler tubes, wear resistant sheets, weather resistant sheets)

• Gear boxes and spares
• Pumps and valves
• Processing equipment and spares
• Industrial screens
• Sandblasting consumables
• Magnetic drilling machines and accessories
• Welding machines and accessories

• Welding consumables
• Gaskets and joints
• Refractory products (such as insulation)
• Rigging accessories
• Personal protective equipment
• Other engineering equipment according to project requirements